The Natomas community can now enjoy a beautiful, new mural on “The Book” along Del Paso Road near Inderkum High School painted and designed by students in the Natomas Unified School District. The mural was spearheaded by Inderkum High School’s Sabor Latino Club, which is open to all students to promote community service and appreciation of Hispanic cultural heritage. Natomas Schools Foundation sponsored the painting.

Pictured below are Sabor Latino students Nadia Aspera, Maribella Cruz Mercado, Isabella Gutierrez, Daniela Rodriguez, Sofia Rodriguez, Jayden Rona (artist), Jordan Davis, Cynthia Rodriguez, Jennifer Chan, Emi Nogen, Evelyn Arius, and Victoria Atherley. Students were joined by their advisor Maria Atherley.

Inderkum students in front of
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