To celebrate the achievement of graduating seniors, the Natomas Schools Foundation continued its annual tradition of awarding scholarships to deserving students. The scholarships are awarded to students intending to pursue a college education and exemplify commitment in their academics and community service. Congratulations to the following recipients, and thank you to our donors for supporting the NSF on the Big Day of Giving.

The 2021 NSF Scholarship Recipients are:

Kashvi Dwarka, IHS, $1,500, UC Davis

Estefania Garcia, NHS, $1,500, UC Davis

Emily Tang, IHS, $1,000, UCLA

Liliana Gonzalez, IHS, $1,000, UC Berkeley

Angel Prasad, IHS, $1,000, UC Berkeley

Amol Budhiraja, IHS, $1,000, UC Berkeley

Anna Nicholas, IHS, $1,000, Westmont

Sierra Garrett, PFAA, $1,000, Southern Oregon University

Bradley Carlton, IHS, $1,000, Grinnell College

Trisha Nagin, IHS, $1,000, UCLA

NSF Scholarship recipient
NSF 2021 Scholarship recipients
NSF 2021 Scholarship recipients standing in front of Inderkum High School
NSF 2021 Scholarship recipients in front of Natomas High School
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